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Latest rules on the interview front

Berita Umum | 04 March 2013 10:16 wib
You brush up on your interview know-how constantly and put it to actual use. So why the drought in offers? Because most of the advice you’ve been getting has been handed down from generation to generation, and some no longer apply in a work environment that is seeing dramatic shifts in step with modern times. Indeed, what may be desirable candidate qualities a few years ago may today be stale and ineffective. Here, we give you the latest rules on the interview front:
1. Drop the long-term perspective. A typical question once thrown at candidates was, “Describe yourself five years from now.” You were supposed to respond that you hoped to grow with the company and assume increasing responsibility over the years. Now with business fortunes rocked by uncertainties, employers want workers who can make a big impact and produce fast results. They need someone who can speed up company turnaround and introduce winning concepts. Thus, be prepared for such posers as: “Tell me how you plan to improve the performance of your team within six months.”

2. Demonstrate a team outlook. Before, you were merely expected to know more about the ins and outs of the position than your competitors. Now, being head and shoulders above the rest in hard knowledge and solid experience is no longer enough. Hiring managers need people who possess the emotional intelligence to deal with a variety of personalities and situations. To make an impression, show the interviewer you have not just the hard skills but the soft skills as well, including flexibility, diplomacy, judgment and communication abilities.

3. Learn from the past. Employers used to search for someone who was always right. Nowadays, they know that to never err is to play safe—and to lose great opportunities because of the fear of making mistakes. Be ready to come up with convincing reasons to such queries: “What was your greatest mistake in the past and how did you solve it?” How well you can explain the rationale behind your choice, the factors that led to the debacle and the lessons you have extracted from the experience and applied afterward will convince the employer that you have the experience to deal with adversity. More than that, you have the courage to make decisions and take calculated risks for greater returns.

source: http://careers.jobstreet.co.id/interview/latest-rules-on-the-interview-front

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